I miss snow.

Catching up on some Holidailies prompts:

Talk about snow – did you grow up with it? Do you prefer snow or rain?

How is this even in question?  Clearly snow is the better option.  I always say that DC winters are miserable.  The typical weather seems to be 35 degrees and raining.  There is nothing more miserable.  At least with the snow, you can brush it off.  The cold rain just sinks in.  I much prefer a nice clear 7 degree day.  People don’t believe me when I tell them that it just doesn’t feel as cold, that the dampness is what makes winter miserable.

I miss the snow.  We had snow growing up and it always meant lots of sledding and playing outside.  We would all get kicked outside to play, all bundled up in snowpants and heavy coats and mittens and hats.  So what if you couldn’t move?  It was fun.

Of course, I say this and we’ll end up with three feet of snow or something ridiculous.  DC can’t even handle an inch of snow without some severe traffic issues.  So it’s no surprise that a serious storm shuts us down.  Some of that is just due to the lack of plows and salt trucks.  But even with all of that, I still love the snow.  It’s pretty and it’s fun to see kids out building snow creatures.

Well, and it is nice to have an impromptu snow day.  I definitely can’t complain about weather-induced telework days.

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