Race Weekend!

In 12 hours, I get to go pick up Carrie at the airport and our fabulous race weekend in Williamsburg begins!  Six girls, two races, and one amazing historical location.

Run for the Dream is one of my favorite races.  I’ve been running it since the inaugural year in 2011 and it gets better every year.  And of course, when they announced the Patriot’s Challenge last year (Saturday 8K, Sunday Half), I signed up for that too.

Also, they feed you delicious sandwiches after the race.  You can’t go wrong with delicious sandwiches.

The forecast is not awesome.  It’s going to be hot and sticky.  It was hot and sticky last year, so this isn’t a surprise.  And as I keep telling myself, hot is good.  Because while it will make this weekend’s races a little rough, it will greatly improve the swim portion of next weekend’s tri.

My plan this year is to take things nice and slow.  I don’t do well in the heat to begin with, and I don’t want to do anything to risk injury before next weekend’s triathlon.  So I plan to take my time and enjoy the sights.  No rush here.

However, I also need to not do what I did last year.  Talk about improper fueling.  While a giant dinner at Cracker Barrel is delicious, it’s really not the best pre-race meal.  I’m lucky in that I almost never have GI issues while running, but this made for a very sluggish race.

This is my last half marathon til September, and it’s a perfect way to end the spring racing season.  This race makes for a fabulous girls’ trip and I am counting the hours til we leave!



6 thoughts on “Race Weekend!

  1. have the best time! I’m so sorry I’m not there, but it means we’ll get to make September awesome too 🙂

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