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Body image is a tough thing when you’re an athlete, and it reared its ugly head at me this weekend.

Late last week, my Team Fight triathlon kit arrived in the mail.  For those of you not up on the lingo, it means my “outfit,” or my tri top and shorts.  It’s made of material designed for all three sports, and as such, it’s all pretty tight.  We all know what bike shorts look like (super sexy), but triathlon tops are just as fitted.  Or at least they should be.  That way they don’t move when you swim or flap when you bike.  It’s all about streamlining.

But you can’t hide anything in a streamlined outfit.  Something that tight hugs every curve and bulge.  It’s revealing.

And to be honest, I don’t look that bad in my kit.  Sure, I could stand to lose some of the belly fat, but it’s not like it’s obscenely bad or anything.  But it’s just something that brings back old insecurities.  I’m used to wearing things that aren’t tight around my waist, so wearing something that tight will take some getting used to.

Weirdly, I have zero issue walking around in a bathing suit.  And honestly, once I put on my kit and got to the beach, I was fine and didn’t think about it.  Clearly, I’m just overthinking when I’m at home staring in the mirror.

Something else to work on.

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  1. but it’s about context too, right? I mean, the ideal is to be comfortable everywhere, but it does make sense to be more comfortable being in a tri outfit when everyone else is in a tri outfit. and that’s a big start!
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