What an awesome trip.  I have decided that I really like cruising.  It was awesome to be totally disconnected from everything.  It was great to sit at the dinner table every night with friends and have actual conversations and not have everyone constantly looking at their phones.  I think we should all disconnect more often.

Will do a full recap later in the week when I finally have time to breathe.  For now, just some disjointed thoughts.

I’m still trying to catch up here.  I can’t believe it’s already October.  I’m still digging through personal emails and work emails are a disaster.  (And to answer a question I’ve gotten – I’m a federal employee but in a non-appropriated agency, so I’m still working and getting paid, thank goodness.)

I managed to get in a bit of running while on the cruise.  Two different runs on the deck of the ship – much nicer while the ship was moving because the breeze was awesome –  and then the Castaway Cay 5K.  That was more of a walk than a run, but it was hot!  I’ve got one more weekend to get into half marathon shape.  Pretty sure Baltimore won’t be pretty, but it’s nice to no longer be on the injured list!

Coming back from vacation is rough.  I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  Doesn’t help that the cats were plastered to my side all night so I didn’t sleep all that well.

I’m participating in Katy Widrick’s Octoblog Challenge, so I’m hoping to make some significant improvements to the blog this month.  Gonna be a busy one!

By Megan

2 thoughts on “Back to the real world”
  1. I totally agree disconnecting is amazing. I love that about a cruise. . . and the fact that you’re disconnected you can get “lost”. Can’t wait to hear more!

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