You know how usually, you look at the calendar and say “How is it only Wednesday?  It feels like Friday!”

Well, for me, this week has flown by.  It’s been an insane week at work and I can’t believe Friday is here.  Of course, I’m in meetings all day.  And thanks to the craziness at work, I’ve been grabbing meals where I can and getting no exercise.  After Wednesday’s event for work, I went home and slept for nine hours and still felt like I got hit by a bus.  I am so ready for the weekend.

I’ve also discovered that I need to plan even better for easy meals when my weeks get like this.  I’ve been grabbing whatever works and then eating too much of the wrong things.  Not what I want to do if I want to lose weight (which I do).  Lessons learned, I guess.

Off to more meetings.

By Megan

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