I’m definitely glad I opted to do ten miles instead of sixteen this weekend.  My body wouldn’t have made it through a full sixteen mile run.  Ten was tough enough.  I blame this on three high stress days at work where I was racing around the building wearing heels.

I know, I know, high heels are bad for me.  But I really really like them.  I don’t wear them often, and even when I do, I’m typically at my desk all day so it’s not that big of a deal.  And they dress up an otherwise casual outfit for a big day at work.

Honestly though, even in flats, for all the running around I was doing and having to be “on” for so many hours, I probably would have been exhausted anyway.  So it was good to take a step back in the training.

Of course, I now have no idea what will happen with Sunday’s race.  I’m still hoping for a strong race.  Maybe not a PR, but if I just finish strong and feel like I ran a good race, I will be happy.  Last half of the year!

By Megan

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