So last night were callbacks for solos for our choir Christmas concert.  I didn’t get called back.  I can’t say I was surprised.  I’m amateur good, but I’m not professional level good.  Which makes sense – I don’t train vocally.  I gave that up in favor of other hobbies.

Still, it hurt a bit to not have my name called.  I was sitting with another girl who also didn’t get called.

And when the final results were announced, no one was surprised.  It was probably a relief to not have to compete against those voices in the final round.

I admit, part of me is saying that I will never do it again.  That it wasn’t worth it to put myself out there because I knew the results beforehand.  That even though I knew, it still hurt a bit, and really wasn’t something I wanted to repeat.

But I put myself out there.  And I did something different.  And that’s always a good thing.  Who knows, maybe it will make me less reluctant to do something scary at a later date.  Either way, still worth it, even though things didn’t go my way.

By Megan

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