I am so very tired.  My body doesn’t do well on little sleep, and that’s where I’m at right now.  Lots of extra hours at work, lots of time in rehearsals.  But tomorrow, tomorrow I get to sleep in.  I cannot wait.  I am putting in ear plugs and wearing a sleep mask and sleeping as long as possible.  Yes, it is entirely possible that the cat will wake me up at 7:30.

Of course, then I have eight thousand things to do before I leave on Sunday, but at least I will get to sleep.

I love sleep.  Me + sleep = <3

So I haven’t been working out at all.  Stretching, to try to continue to fix my back, and visiting the chiropractor, which is always entertaining.

This week has been insane with the crazy amount of work, but I’ve realized how lucky I am to work with an awesome crew in the office.  We’ve managed to weed out the bad seeds and the new team we’ve assembled rocks.  It’s so awesome to spend the days with people who pitch in wherever they are needed.

And on that note, there is some hole punching calling my name.  No job too small!

By Megan

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