I’ve been really struggling with motivation as of late.  I’m going through the motions of training, but I’m just not feeling it.  I think that once I get through my first triathlon of the season, that will change.  Once I remember how awesome that feels, I’ll be excited to get moving again.

But I’m also looking into working with a coach. Not in person, just remotely.  But I could use someone to tell me what to do and berate me when I don’t do it and encourage me when I’m feeling low.  I think that part of my problem right now is that I don’t have confidence in my training plan.  Sure, it’s a good plan, but I’m not sure it’s right for me.  Someone who will create a fluid training plan will be a definite help.  Plus if I’m paying for it, I’m more likely to stick to it, right?

In other news, tomorrow is my 1500m Open Water Swim.  I’m nervous and excited.  It’s 2 750m loops, which will be a good way to break it up in my mind.  I know I can cover the distance with no trouble.  The goal is just to stay out of my head.  I can do it.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Maybe I should watch Finding Nemo tonight as motivation.

By Megan

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