Monday Morning Workout

5:00 – Alarm goes off.  20 seconds later, leap out of bed.  Morning!  It is morning!

Put on swimsuit.  Put work clothes over swimsuit.  Check three times to make sure proper undergarments are in swim bag, as a wet swimsuit does not qualify as proper undergarments for work.

Peer in mirror and brush teeth.  Wipe lingering acne medication off of skin.  (Side note – acne and wrinkles?  Thanks, hormones.)

Grab swim bag and go downstairs.  Feed cats.  Make coffee, throw together breakfast and lunch.  Remind cats that yes, there is food in their bowl and they can stop howling.

Take purse, work bag, swim bag, and coffee and run out the door.

Drive to pool while listening to Missed in History Podcast.

At pool before 5:45.  This is good.  Grab swim gear and head into building.  Scan card and then linger with other swimmers in the lobby.  Listen to guy talk about himself for the next ten minutes.

By 5:53, swimmers are starting to congregate at the stairs down to the locker rooms. Finally, at 5:55, the clerk gives the go-ahead and swimmers crash down the stairs.

In locker room.  RUN!  Throw everything into locker, grab goggles, cap, other swim accessories.  Strip off clothes and hang up in locker.  Walk casually but quickly out of the locker room and to the pool.  See a lane at the far end.  Walk past the swim team and drop stuff at the end of the currently empty lane.

Take a deep breath and sit down at the edge of the pool to put on cap and goggles.  Wait for lifeguard to show up at 6.

The official workout hasn’t even started, and I am EXHAUSTED.


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