Triathlon Highlights

A few days after a race, the highlights from the day always pop back into my head.

I’m still pretty pleased with how yesterday’s triathlon went. I raced well and I did what I was supposed to. I didn’t lose any time anywhere unexpectedly. I’m sure I could still speed up transition, but for my next race, transitions might get slower since I will need to put on sunscreen. Sunday was cloudy so I didn’t have to worry about reapplying.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t improve, of course.  But those improvements will just come with training.  I can get faster on the swim and I can get better at climbing on the bike.  My run went pretty well.  I always struggle with the run and my heart rate issues, but I’m pretty pleased with how I kept pace there.  So for now, I just need to keep up with my training plan.

This race was put on by Racine MultiSports, and they are an amazing race company. Races are well organized but also low key. There was a wedding at the site the day before the race and some people got too drunk to drive home so they left their cars. In transition. The RD’s reaction was “Oh well!” He said he considered having them towed, but that seemed even more complicated. Kim worked transition and I can’t wait to read her blog post about what happened when the owners returned for their cars.

I had been in this particular lake a few times before, for two practice swims as well as SwimFest earlier this summer.  So I knew to be aware of the plant life.  The plants were in full form during the race though.  I had plant strands caught between my toes and on my watch.  I believe it was Liz who ended up with a plant crown at one point.

I have two more triathlons this year, but I already find myself thinking about next year’s triathlon schedule.  I do want to try to do more olympic distance races.  I’m not sure I’m ready for the Fort Ritchie olympic though.  Maybe the Columbia Tri though, since it’s local.  I have a lot of friends tackling the 70.3 distance next year, but I think I want more olympic distances under my belt first.  I also feel like I have a good balance of training and life right now.  I’m not sure I want to give that up just yet!

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