Iron Girl Columbia Lessons Learned

So no race report just yet.  I’ve got a draft done, but the timing company’s server took a nosedive, so I don’t have my official finish time or my splits just yet.  Instead, you get a lessons learned first, then hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll have my official results.

I’m pretty happy with the unofficial results though.  I definitely got a course PR!  I cut somewhere around 9 minutes off of my time from last year according to the unofficial results, and I don’t expect that will change.  My clock time was right around my finish time from last year, and I was in wave 5, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that I got that PR.  And that was my goal for this race.  I wanted to do better than I did last year to show that my training is paying off.

I was worried about the time trial start, but it wasn’t that bad.  It helps that the people in front of me went in slowly, so we weren’t running into the water.  Also, the water was pretty warm.  76 degrees.  It was wetsuit legal, but I can’t believe so many people were wearing wetsuits.  I would have overheated!

I need to figure out a better way to set up my transition.  I completely forgot to put on my bike gloves.  Not the end of the world, but I would have liked to have had them.  And if it had been a rainy race, it would have been critical.  Last race, I forgot to grab my handheld water bottle, but remembered it this time.  Race brain is a real thing.

The run was a slog, but mostly because I forgot how hilly the course was.  With my heart issues, I’m not sure I could have done much better.  Even walking up the hills, my HR monitor was beeping at me that my HR was too high.

While I felt confident on the bike course going in, I felt like I was being passed CONSTANTLY.  I definitely need to work on biking.  The trainer rides my coach has given me feel like good workouts, so I just need to stick to them and make sure that I’m getting in the riding that I need.  I think at this point, this is where I need to focus and where I’m going to find the most improvement.

I also need to learn to not worry about all the people passing me.  I should remind myself that there are people who are MUCH faster starting in waves behind me, so they will pass me.  And if someone in my wave (or even the wave before mine) passes me, that just means that I rocked the swim and they’re having to catch up.

I never thought the swim would be my strongest leg, that’s for sure!

Now, onto training for my “big” tri for the year – my first Olympic distance!  Yikes!

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