Thursday Workout Recap

Thursday workout recap just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it. I had a dentist appointment yesterday that ran way long because apparently the story that redheads are harder to numb up is true and it took them an hour to get me numb. No complaining here though. The crown prep was totally painless.

Last week was a good workout week. Mainly because it was a step back week.

Monday – rest/travel

Tuesday – easy 3 mile run. Still stiff from the weekend, but I got it done.

Wednesday – easy 45 minute bike

Thursday – easy 20 minute swim. Managed this before work and still got to the office on time.

Friday – rest

Saturday – Coach wanted me to do 5-10 minutes in each sport and I got in 2/3. Wasn’t paying for a pool visit for 5-10 minutes.

Sunday – Race day!

Back to normal training this week. And at some point, I should figure out why posting to my blog got so hard. Ahh, technology.

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