Wednesday Workout Recap

This week was supposed to have been a race week, but thanks to IronGirl Rocky Gap getting cancelled, it was just a boring old training week.  I think I needed that though.

Monday – Rest day.  Cookout with awesome friends.

Tuesday – Treadmill speedwork.  This one felt incredibly sluggish.  Time was good, but ugh.  I think I’m just in the hate part of my love/hate relationship with running.

Wednesday – Trainer speed drills.  These I love.

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  Sprint drills and filming.  I was not so sure I wanted to see what I looked like swimming, but… well, it’s now out there somewhere.

Friday – Rest day.  Got my annual physical today, which gives me a gold star for the year.

Saturday – 73 minute trainer ride.  I was scheduled for 60, but wanted to finish the last episode of Parks and Recreation.  I am very bummed out that there are only 13 episodes left of this show.

Sunday – 6 mile run.  Blargh. But it was done, so self high five!

Busy week this next week, plus a busy weekend.  Apparently I have another race at the end of the month.  I should get on that.

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