For the past two years, I’ve been growing my hair out with the intent to donate it.  My hair was longer than it had been in years.  And I’ll admit, it was fun to have super long hair.  There was a lot that I could do with it.  But that meant I was wearing it in a lot of braids because it was also a lot to deal with.  And wearing it up often gave me a headache.  Plus it didn’t fit in swim caps well and let me tell you, nothing makes an early, cold, swim workout even worse than having to constantly wrestle with your swim cap.

So it was time for a haircut.  A big chop.  And I was nervous.  I know, it’s just hair.  But I’m pretty much known for my hair.  People kept saying “It’s so pretty!  Don’t cut it.”  And it was tempting.  But then I remembered how annoying it was.  And how annoying it would be come summer.  Good lord, it would be annoying in the summer.

So I chopped it off.


All bundled up, it doesn’t look like that much hair.  But trust me, it felt like a lot.

And the new cut?  I love it.  It is cute and fluffy and bouncy and the curls are free.  Super cute.  And yes, I can still pull it back for workouts.  This was required.


Next up, I’m going to be shipping the hair off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for someone else to deal with.  It’s kind of tragic that I know they dye it all to make it into a wig, but hey, it’s just hair that I don’t want.  At least someone can use it.

By Megan

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