Where does the time go?

When I set my race schedule for 2015, I remember thinking “Oh, I have so much time to train for all of these races.  And yet the races are coming faster than I thought.

Cherry Blossom is in under 3 weeks.  Two more weeks of training and a nice taper to get me ready.  I’m excited about this race.  I don’t have a PR in me (my 10 mile PR is from before my heartrate issues were diagnosed and I don’t know that I’ll ever get back to it), but I’m hoping for a really strong race.

My first triathlon of the season is in 7 weeks.  This kind of terrifies me more than it should.  It’s “only” a sprint, but it’s going to be my first open water swim of the season, and that never goes well for me.  I’m hoping to get a chance to get into the water at a practice somewhere in the weeks before.  But when you’re looking at early may, open water swimming is a bit limited.

And then it’s 12 weeks until my big race of the season, Challenge Williamsburg.  I’m doing the olympic distance, and I’m confident I can be ready for that one.  12 weeks is a long time, right?

Oh wait, I was just talking about how time flies.  Fingers crossed, I guess.

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