Search Terms Of Late

I love going through my search terms and seeing how people are finding my site.  For the most part, it makes sense.  People looking for particular race information, reviews of something I’ve written about, etc.  Lots of searches for post-workout headache advice.  But then there are the outliers.  And they are always enjoyable.  Some recent highlights:

A number of people found my site searching for should i skip swim practice.  My coach would say no.  Unless you are bleeding or dying.  Or there is lightning.

lifetime indoor tri wetsuit – No.  Do not wear a wetsuit at an indoor triathlon.  Ever.

xl curvy babes – Sorry, yo.  Not that sort of site.  But every so often, there are pictures of me in spandex, so…

iron girl columbia 2014 is it hilly – Depends on your definition of hilly.  But yes.

boob kirma – I had to google this one and then regretted it.  I am not a porn star.

i can untie my shoes – Good job you?

can i get jock itch and blisters from not changing underwear – Yes.  Also, that’s gross.

stronger jeff bauman sparknotes – Seriously?  Read the damn book.

is fat shaming okay – You have to ask this?

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