Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions

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I actually had to go back into my archives to find out if I made any New Year’s Resolutions this year.  That tells you how closely I intended to stick to them, doesn’t it.

Well, it turns out I DID make a resolution.  A few, actually.  Sort of. Let’s see how that went for me.

So my goal this year was to be honest with myself, in the hopes of losing weight, improving my fitness, and taking control of my finances.  And really, things went well on all of those areas.

After years of trying, I’ve finally figured out the key to losing weight. I’ve made a number of small changes, but I think the big one is sugar.  I’m really consuming a lot less sugar, and it seems to be helping a lot.  Of course, with the holidays, I’ve not been so great about it, but the key has to be not giving up.  Just because I had a few bad days doesn’t undo all the hard work I’ve done.  I’d like to lose another 5 pounds before triathlon season starts, because the less weight I have to haul up the hills, the better!

I’ve also been pretty solid on sticking to my training plan this year and it’s definitely showing in my race results.  A lot of it was just making the training routine.  It has also helped that I’m really focusing on biking in the winter season, which I enjoy so much more than constant treadmill runs.

My budget, well… it’s okay.  I’m being better about where my money is going, and that has helped a lot.  But I still need to tighten the purse strings.  Buying things is just so fun though!

So two for three.  Not so bad at all!  Now to decide whether or not to make 2016 resolutions…


2 thoughts on “Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad at all! I’m working on my goals for 2016, too. I never seem to write them down, which is probably a mistake.

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