Sad bike trainer

71fRFBJY38L._SL1500_My shiny bike trainer had to be disassembled this weekend.  It’s a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer and after years of use (Santa (aka Mom and Dad) gifted it to me in 2011, I believe), it started leaking fluid.  Thankfully, the trainer lives on a mat, which prevented any damage to the floor.  The mat is mostly for catching sweat and hydration drink that drips down, but thank goodness for the mat.

However, Saris is an awesome company.  Their trainers have a lifetime guarantee.  So even though the current model of the Fluid 2 trainer is different, they’re sending me a new resistance unit for free!  I just have to cover shipping back to them, which is not a big deal, given what a whole new trainer would cost me.

(No, they’re not paying me to say this – I’m just super delighted that a 4+ year old trainer that broke is getting replaced for free.)

Of course, this means I’m trainerless for a week or so.  I might go through withdrawal.  I love the trainer that much.  Conveniently, I probably have some extra hours at work to make up that lost workout time.  Yay for job security!

(P.S. – Happy Leap Day!)


Catching Up

This has been a busy week.  Well, a busy week plus.

I love my job, but we’ve been insanely busy.  Without going into too much detail, our department workload has increased, plus we’ve gone from 3 people to 2 on our project team, so I’m at about 175% of normal workload right now.  It’s exhausting!  I have a very understanding boss, but at the same time, we have to get everything done, so it’s been a lot of hours in the office.

I’ve been trying to keep up with  my training, but on Wednesday night, for example, I got out of the office about 2 hours late and was just exhausted, so I had drinks and pizza with a friend and called it a night.  I think I needed that mental break, to be honest.

This weekend should help.  I’m not bringing work home (because I will likely have to the next few weekends), and I plan to sleep in.  And, of course, get my house into shape for my brother and sister-in-law’s visit next weekend.  I’m pretty sure my brother won’t notice the fur tumbleweeds in my house, but my SIL will, and while she probably won’t judge me, since they’ve never seen my house, I should get it in order.  Plus I have to finish assembling their bed.  IKEA furniture is no joke!

I also got my fabulous Team Coeur kit, and need to get pictures taken for that.  Because what everyone loves is putting on spandex and pulling out a camera.  Maybe this will convince me to stop eating peanut butter and chocolate chips for dinner (what, I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store!).


Wednesday Workout Recap

I can’t believe that I came back from Florida just last week.

Monday – Rest day, traveling back from Florida.

Tuesday – Trainer workout

Wednesday – Easy 4 miles.  While watching a Flat Earth video on the recommendation of a coworker.  It was nuts, but totally distracting from the treadmill.

Thursday – Choir rehearsals.  Concert this weekend.  Normally we rehearse MWF on concert week, but Monday got cancelled for weather, and Wed got pushed to Thurs because of an event at the Cathedral.

Friday – Choir rehearsals. Two days in a row really hurts.

Saturday – 90 minutes on the trainer, a bike fit, and lugging an IKEA bedframe up the stairs and assembling it.  I count that as a strength workout.

Sunday – Supposed to do 8, but I opted to sleep in and had time for 5 before my concert.  Go me.

Support Your Girls with ENELL

enellFor 2016, I’m a proud ENELL Race Ambassador, but if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve heard me sing ENELL’s praises before.  How many times have you heard a fellow athlete say “Yeah, I have to wear two sports bras to prevent the bounce.”  Or “Well, I wear X brand, even though it’s technically too small.”  Or worst of all, how many times have you seen a fellow runner out on the course and thought “How in the world is she running with all that bounce.

Ladies, you don’t have to do any of that.  The ENELL Sport bra is amazing and will keep everything nicely contained for your athletic endeavors.

enell-sport-front-whiteNow, this is no dainty sports bra.  No, it’s serious armor for serious support and comfort.  Want to know why the bra is built as it is?  You get:

  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Limited movement
  • Super secure closure that has no risk of popping open
  • No strain on your back
  • Performance fabric

enell-sport-backI only wear the ENELL bras for sport nowadays. All other sports bras have been banished. It’s super comfortable on the bike, on the run, and even in the water for a triathlon.

I’m showing you the white version, but it comes in a couple of fabulous colors, which is my go to option.  Why?  Well, with the cut of my Coeur tri kit, my sports bra shows, especially in the back.  And you know what?  I don’t care.  I think this showing looks better than two skinny straps showing, and it definitely provides better sun protection on my pale, pale skin.  But more importantly, it gives me the support I need.  No crazy bouncing as I run.

The bras aren’t sized like “normal” bras.  Instead, you measure yourself and using their chart or calculator, figure out which size you wear.  They make it very easy and if you’re still unsure, their customer service team is PHENOMENAL.  And if you don’t fit into one of their standard sizes (rare, but it happens), they even do custom fits for a super reasonable price. Seriously, it’s $15 for the setup fee, then the bra is priced like their standard bras, and then if you need more than one alteration, it’s $7.50.  Once they figure out your perfect fit, you’re “on record,” and your new bras are the same price as the regular bra!  For anyone who has ever ordered any custom clothing, you realize just how cheap this is.

So if you are struggling with finding a sports bra to fit a larger chest or are sick of wearing multiple sports bras to keep everything contained, check out ENELL.  I’m always trying to convert my friends, and once they realize how awesomely comfortable they are, they don’t go back.


Drama at the Princess Expo

rihaij / Pixabay

Oh my goodness.  After yesterday’s post went live, I started seeing reports of lots of drama at the Disney Princess Expo.  Some highlights:

Lines.  So many lines.

People shoving and throwing elbows to get merchandise before others.

Women throwing wine glasses and breaking them (I think trying to toss them to each other for buying purposes?).

People grabbing at jackets as they came out of the back room.

People buying entire boxes of merchandise to resell.  Apparently there’s a new rule that you can only buy 25 of any one item, so there’s that.

One of my favorites – people posting items on eBay using photos they took at checkout.  Not even waiting to get back to the hotel room to list that puppy for up to twice what they paid.

My favorite – shoving and punching over merchandise.

Apparently the crowds got so heavy that the Fire Marshal came in and shut it down so the crowds could clear out.

People.  It’s just stuff. I mean, I get the desire to have a cool shirt or jacket for your first half marathon.  I’m sure I’m going to want all of the 70.3 gear later this year.  But can’t we be a little bit civil?