Weekend Plans

Road with clouds and power lines

44833 / Pixabay

Another week over, another glorious weekend ahead.

And by glorious, I mean training filled.

This weekend’s training includes 50 miles of riding immediately followed by a mile or two of running (I should figure that out before I actually go for my run), as well as a ten mile run.

Weirdly, 50 miles no longer seems that bad.  I mean, it’s definitely far, but considering next weekend’s Fondo is 65ish, 50 should be a breeze, right?

Thankfully, the heat has broken somewhat.  No longer are we looking at three-digit highs.  Just two digits and oppressive humidity.  I’ll take it.  After all, I do need to get used to the heat.  Augusta is not exactly going to be cool.  I’m hoping it’s not 100+ degrees, and I have history on my side for that one, but anything can happen.

Where have I been?

IMG_2579Over the past few weeks, it seems I’ve been missing in action, both online and in person.

No fancy dramatic answers here, folks.  Just busy.  Very, very busy.  But I can’t complain.

Work is awesome, but oh so incredibly busy.  I don’t talk about my work on my blog, but if you follow me on Twitter, you might get a peek at some of the projects that I have going on.  It has just meant a lot of extra time in the office.  Thankfully, I get those hours saved as credit hours to be used later, but then I have to find time to use those hours!

When not working, I’m probably training or sleeping.  My 70.3 is getting closer and closer, and since I’m a slower athlete, my workouts take longer than they might take other people.  (Oh, how jealous I am of those people.)  Not complaining, just a fact.  And it’s more proof that I will never do a 140.6.  I seriously do not think there are enough hours in the day.

Other than that, I’ve got some projects going on around the house that I’ve been working on, things that have languished a bit too long.

I’ve also been trying to just chill more.  Not work on anything and just read a book.  Frequently, after I’ve gotten everything done that I need to do, the last thing I want to do is sit down at a computer, so I’m trying to take more time for just relaxation.  The cats are enjoying the extra petting, that’s for sure.

So I’m still here, still kicking, still doing awesome.  Just… busy.  Very very busy.

Wednesday Workout Recap

This week was the beginning of two months of hard work before race day.  It’s gonna be an interesting two months.  I’m pretty sure I’m just going to be hungry all the time.

Monday – 1600m swim in the pool.  Historically, Mondays have been rest days for me.  Good bye, Monday rest day.

Tuesday – Bike workout plus 3 mile run.  This was… not awesome.

Wednesday – 4 mile run

Thursday – Team Fight swim.  Super fun, though the most fun part was probably the complaining about the sprints.  And yet we do it anyway.

Friday – Glorious, glorious rest day.  Got a massage from a new therapist and it was awesome.  Immediately booked another appointment with her.  I need to be better about not letting my shoulders get so incredibly tight.

Saturday – This was supposed to be a 40 mile ride that turned into 34 because it was way too freaking hot.  Safety over distance.

Sunday – 8 mile treadmill run.  Not exciting, but at least it wasn’t outside.

No really, this heat can break anytime

camels in desert

This might be preferable since it’s less humid in the desert. eduponcedeleon / Pixabay

Remember when I said it was hot?

I lied.  NOW it’s hot.

On Saturday morning, I went out for a 40 mile bike ride.  I knew we were going to be under heat warnings, but I hoped to be able to get my miles in before it got too bad.  I opted to ride a local 2ish mile loop (yes, I’m aware of how many circles that is) because it meant I was never that far from my car, which meant not only could I stop at anytime, I could also keep water bottles in a cooler and refresh with cold water rather than warm water that had been riding with me on my bike all morning.

I made it through just under 34 miles before I tapped out.

I still felt okay at that point, but the ride was slow to begin with, and I had noticed my pace really beginning to drop.  I figured it was due to the heat more than anything else, and decided that it was safer to stop and not push myself and risk getting sick.

I was absolutely exhausted the rest of the day.  That kind of heat is really rough on your body!

So I didn’t get in my 40 miler, which means next weekend’s 50 miler isn’t going to be pretty.  But it should be at least 10 degrees cooler if the forecast is right, so that should be a huge help.


Wednesday Workout Recap

This guy has nothing to do with anything, I just thought he was funny. OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

This was my last “easy” week until taper.  Oh, free time, how I am going to miss you.

Monday – Rest Day – traveling back from Williamsburg

Tuesday – Rest Day.  Supposed to do an easy 20 minute swim, but since I had been out and the boss had been out for over a week, I opted to go to work on time.  Plus I got in the easy swim Sunday night, so that should count for something.  Went for an easy walk after work just to keep the blood flowing.

Wednesday – Easy 45 minute bike.  Did this on my road bike since my tri bike was in the shop (I still don’t know how I lost a spoke nipple during the race, but I find it hilarious that spoke nipples exist).  It made me realize just how much I really love my tri bike when compared to my road bike.

Thursday – Easy 2 mile run.  Did this in the neighborhood and was absolutely DRENCHED when I was done.  So disgusting.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday -Tri Camp!

Sunday – Easy 4 mile run.  Once again, DRENCHED.  And this weekend is supposed to be even warmer.