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I feel like this year, all of my energy has been focused towards late September.  For work, I had a huge project milestone in the middle of the month and a week and a half later, I had Augusta 70.3.

I’m delighted to say that both went better than expected.

But because all of my energy was focused towards these dates, that means that I haven’t done a lot of thinking about what comes next.

When it comes to work, well, that’s pretty easy.  There’s always plenty to do.

But when it comes to training, that’s a bit tougher.  I do have a few upcoming races on my schedule:

Army Ten Miler on October 9 (yes, next weekend)
Space Coast Half Marathon on November 27
And then in 2017, the Donna Half in February

So it’s not like I’ll be spending much time on the couch now that my 70.3 is done.  But it’s time to start thinking about triathlon season for 2017.  I actually do have one race already on my schedule – Rev3 Williamsburg in July.  I’m just not sure what else I want to do.

Escape the Cape has always been a bucket list race.  You jump off a ferry to start.  It sounds INSANE and terrifying, and also amazing.  I like doing things that make people think I’m a bit nuts, I think.

I’m definitely considering another 70.3.  I didn’t hate this one.  There were times that the training was grinding, but what isn’t?  And I’d like to see what a year of training can do.  I really liked Augusta, but I also like the idea of trying a different race.  I really like Rev3 races, so I’m thinking about Rev3 Cedar Point.  Still driving distance (and a bit closer than Augusta) and it’s in September, so the timing’s about the same.

I would like to do the Farm to Fork Fondo in PA again in 2017.  It was so hard but that made it feel like such an accomplishment.

Looking at my race, it’s clear that I have the most room for improvement on my bike.  Clearly, my run could have been better, but given the heat, I’m satisfied.  I just need to keep up with the run training.  But on the bike, I would love to speed up, even by 1 mph.  So I think that will be the goal again this winter.  I feel like I’ve improved by leaps and bounds over the past year, so I’ll be pushing that again this year.  Plus I weirdly like trainer workouts that make my legs feel like they’re going to fall off.



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  1. I’m sure you could get a HUGE spectator/cheer group if you end up doing CP! Would love to see you race again, myself! 🙂

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