Wednesday Workout Recap

Yay!  My race is done, so for the rest of the year, I can sit on the couch!

Oh wait, that’s not how this works.  That’s not how any of this works.  This definitely was a recovery week though.

Monday – Travel day.  Driving, driving, back to my house and my kitties, who were very glad to see me.  However, Sunday, a few hours after the race, I did have to ride my bike the mile back from transition, so I’ll count that as part of the recovery week.

Tuesday – Went and got a massage and it was glorious.  This counts as training.

Wednesday – I was supposed to get back to training, but instead I went to see Come From Away at Ford’s Theater and it was so amazing and I want to see it again.  I walked there and back, so we’ll count that as my 30 minute walk requirement.

Thursday – All right, back to it.  30 minute bike.  Let’s go.  Oh wait, bike is broken, off to the bike shop.

bike pedal with cleat attached

I could have fixed this myself but the threads were stripped on the crank arm and I couldn’t make things work. The bike shop was so lovely. Now to prevent this from happening again.

Friday – Okay, now we’re on to things.  20 minute run.  Go.  And my quads reminded me that I had raced the weekend before.

Saturday – 45 minute bike ride.

Sunday – 30 minute run.  Yeah, maybe the Army Ten Miler isn’t going to feel so great after all.  But I’ll make it.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout Recap

  1. This is a good question and one I cannot answer. But I will be checking the tightness of my pedals more often… or ever.

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