Wednesday Workout Recap

My diet needs to look a whole lot more like this. Except my home will never be this fancy. jill111 / Pixabay

Well, it’s back to real life.  Back to training, and possibly more importantly, back to eating like a normal person, not like a person who is training for a 70.3.

Monday – Rest Day.  This was actually a big day.  The repair work in my office finally got done, so now I can paint and then maybe I can finally get all the junk out of my living room and back where it belongs.

Tuesday – Team Fight Swim.  Tough as always, but a lot of fun.  It’s hard to convince myself to swim when it’s cold, but I need to keep showing up.

Wednesday – Trainer ride followed by a weights workout.  Yes, I’m finally getting back to strength work.  This has been my biggest failing and I need to step it up over the winter.

Thursday – Ab work.  Apparently, my core is stupidly weak.  This is terrible all around.

Friday – Trainer ride

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Army Ten Miler!

One more race left for the year.  I can’t believe how quickly things seem to be flying.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy all the time.


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