September Mileage Update

Okay, how is it already October?  September absolutely flew by!

And not because I was working out.  Maybe it’s true – running doesn’t necessarily make your life longer, but it certainly makes it feel longer.

So in September, I raced my last triathlon for the year (and nailed it!) and then was on “active rest” for the rest of the month.  I was still gearing up for the Army Ten Miler, which is this coming weekend, but everything else was on a bit of a step back.  Plus I went on vacation, where I walked a whole lot, but didn’t exercise outside of that.  It was pretty darn glorious.  Also I’m fairly sure I gained 4 pounds this month.  Apparently, this is not the best way to live.

September Totals
Swim: 4.1 miles
Bike: 100 miles
Run: 30 miles

I’m really amused by how round my bike and run numbers are.  Certainly not planned at all.  But this really shows just how much my bike mileage stepped back this month.  My bike mileage was 200+ miles a month for the past three months.  I honestly really miss the biking, and I’m picking it up again after Army Ten.  My coach just wanted to give my body a bit of a break, and I will admit, I enjoyed not killing myself on the bike every week.   My run numbers will be picking up as well, as I head into half marathon season.  I have a love-hate relationship with the half marathon right now.  It’s a great distance, but after a summer of maxing out at 10ks, going back into long runs of more than 8 miles is mentally hard!

2017 Totals
Swim: 42.6 miles
Bike: 1647 miles
Run: 386 miles

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