January Mileage Update

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I really liked tracking my mileage last year, so this year, I set some concrete mileage goals and headed out to meet them.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.

But injuries happen, and goals are meant to be adjusted as circumstances change.  So rather than being disappointed about my current mileage numbers, I find them pretty amusing.  I’m not going to worry about changing the goals, I’ll just see where I end up.

January Mileage:
Swim: 6.2 miles
Bike: 170 miles
Run: 3 miles

I’m ahead of the game on the swim for sure, thanks to the 100×100 swim (of which I did 53) setup by one of my amazing Coeur teammates.  My goal for this year’s swim was to swim smart and not aggravate my hip, but if possible, I wanted to beat last year’s swim.  Last year, I did 5000y, so this year, I did 5300y.  This year, I also didn’t touch any pool toys while swimming.  No pull buoy, fins, or paddles.  That was mainly out of concern for my hip, but it certainly made the swim more of a challenge.  That said, it’s a huge confidence builder for the beginning of the season, whatever that season may look like.

Bike numbers are a bit low, but it’s been a lot of indoor challenges.  I’m using Zwift now, so it’s not really comparable to my indoor mileage from last year, but Zwift makes it way more fun, so I’ll take the slightly lower mileage.  I’m definitely itching to get outside, but not when it’s this cold.  There is no good way to bike while wearing a snowsuit, and I salute all you bike commuters.

So on to the next month.  Here’s hoping February has some goodness saved up for me!



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