Sticky Notes EverywhereLife has been pretty busy as of late.  This past weekend was our big fall choir concert, and it was absolutely a success – even the Washington Post review was good!  But it basically meant a week of very few scheduled workouts (though don’t let anyone tell you that 4 hours of choir isn’t a workout – my whole body hurts after that).

I’m back to it now, with the Space Coast Half Marathon up next.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I could bust out a half marathon with no trouble since I was running so regularly.  Now it’s definitely an effort – or so I assume, since I haven’t run a half marathon in almost a year!  The 2017 Space Coast Half was my last, so this is certainly a comeback.  And it’s probably gonna hurt.  But it’s also gonna be worth it.

And now, some links I have saved to share.  In no particular order:

Working the Program from The Bloggess.  She also acknowledges that everything’s gonna be okay.  Seriously, if you’re not just reading everything she writes, why not?

EPBOT made the COOLEST Harry Potter themed cat tree.  And a super cool Harry Potter room.  And photographed some hilarious pun-themed costumes at DragonCon.

Kecia is amazing and conquered IM Louisville, which looked horrible.  Not gonna lie.

Steena did IM Wisconsin, which looked less horrible, but I still don’t want to race 140.6.  More power to you, ladies.

Did you follow Katmai National Park and Preserve’s Fattest Bear competition?  The pictures were amazing.  Those bears got BIG.  Good job, nature.

Jenn acknowledges that sometimes everything is terrible, but you can still find the good.

Chrissy went to Scotland, because sometimes she does things other than cook, and I’m still pretty jealous.

Lauren is running and blogging again and I am very excited for her.

Michaela shows just how rough it is to try to workout with cats.  Cats are jerks.  Furry, loveable jerks.  And I should try to pet mine more this weekend after barely seeing them last weekend.

By Megan

2 thoughts on “Random Updates and Link Love”
  1. Awww…Thanks for the shout out!! #IMLou was a race to remember!! While I would have loved to have better conditions, it was a great challenge that allowed me to push my limits and see what I’m really made of!!

  2. You’re pretty impressive yourself and your fitness routine makes me jealous (maybe not jealous, but totally in awe). Thanks for the love!

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