Coeur Team 2019!

As many of you have probably seen on my social media, I’m super excited to be back on the Coeur Ambassador Team for the fifth year!

This team has truly become a family to me.  I love all of these ladies and I’m excited to get to know all the new members on the team as well.  Every single one of these people is amazing, and if you see any of us out there training or racing, don’t hesitate to say hi.  Need advice?  Just ask?  Just need a friendly face?  You’ve got it.

Seriously, just knowing these people has made me a better athlete and a better person.  They’ve helped me push out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I could.  They supported me through my frustrating recovery, and I’d like to think I was able to support some of my fellow team members in the same way.

This is always a tough time of year when triathlon teams are announced, as there is excitement and hurt feelings all at once.  It’s so tough when a friend doesn’t make a team they were hoping to join.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of rejections over the years.

But the thing is, there are great groups out there.  So many great groups.  Awesome Facebook groups, various forums online, and groups like The Collective Beat, which is Coeur’s community team.  I joined this team last year and met so many awesome ladies, and will be joining up again for 2019.  Definitely check it out and see if it’s right for you.  It’s filled with very uplifting ladies who have created a phenomenal community.

If you prefer in person, check out your local triathlon club or clubs.  Can’t find one?  Make one!  Or at least see if you can’t find some local folks to bike or run with.  Create a Facebook run event and see who shows up.  It sounds intimidating, but it’s really super easy, and who knows who you might meet!

4 thoughts on “Coeur Team 2019!

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