IMG_1553I’m Megan. I’m unmarried, in my mid 30’s, and I’m a runner, triathlete, lawyer, and cat lady living in the Washington, DC area. I work for the federal government, but in the interest of keeping my job, I won’t talk about that much here. It isn’t all that interesting anyway.

I started running in 2006 using the Couch to 5K plan. I wasn’t fast, but I ran a 5K that year.

When I moved to DC, I tackled longer races, namely the ten miler.  In 2010, I ran my first half marathon.  Then I ran another one, and another one, and became Half Fanatic #622.  What also happened that year was that I was diagnosed with some heart rate issues.  I refuse to call it a condition.  I wrote about it here, but what it ultimately meant was that I had to slow down my running, and I ultimately ended up becoming a Galloway run/walker.  I have to admit, I love it – I feel so much better after each run, and I completed three half marathons in 2010 and six in 2011. Clearly, something is working right.

2010 was about conquering 13.1
2011 was about making new friends and loving the run.
2012 was about conquering too many races and training for a marathon.
2013 was about trying to get back into shape and tackling the marathon and triathlon.
2014 and 2015 were all about falling in love with triathlon.
2016 was the year I tackled and completed a 70.3.
2017 brought a whole bunch of new PRs.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with both a labral tear and an ovarian cyst, so this year is about recovery.

Questions?  Just ask!  You can email me at megan [dot] sullivan [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form below.

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