Indoor Workout Entertainment

I like watching tv, but I’m not the type of person who can just sit and veg in front of the tv.  In fact, if I find myself sitting in front of the tv and being entertained, I know that I’m either extremely tired or getting sick.  I always have to be doing something else.  When I have the time, that is working on a craft project of some sort, but usually I’m doing chores (I play streaming tv on my computer and put it in whatever room I’m working in) or on the treadmill or bike trainer.

I joke that I like to rot my brain while I’m working out, but that’s not quite true.  I can’t workout and watch something that requires serious focus.  I need something that I can enjoy while my attention is split.

There are a bunch of shows that I regularly keep up with, but there are a few shows that I discovered late and then plowed through entire seasons as quickly as possible.

Broadchurch – The first season of this British drama focused on a crime in the little town of Broadchurch.  I’m a sucker for a good crime drama, and this one was very well written with awesome characterization.  The second season just started in the UK, but I’m waiting til I can watch it legally in the US.

Arrow and The Flash – Shows on the CW aren’t typically my thing, but I had heard such good things about Arrow that I had to check it out.  These are great shows to watch while working out because there’s a lot of action but you don’t have to be staring intently at the screen the whole time to get the plot.   Plus every time Oliver or Sara take their shirts off, I realize what muscles can look like with a lot of work.  It’s inspiring.  And who doesn’t love a good superhero story?

The League – You have to have a slightly twisted sense of humor and be okay with relatively juvenile jokes to like this show, but I find it hilarious.  The show is based around a group of friends who have a fantasy football league.  I know nothing about fantasy football, but I still love this show.  I was shocked to see a few episodes available for streaming on Southwest flights.  It’s an entertaining show, but I’m not sure I could watch with some nice old lady sitting next to me looking over my shoulder.

I am currently catching up on Supernatural (which I never watched) and Law & Order: SVU (which I watched til about 2009) as well.  I also need to get back into Doctor Who because everyone loves it but I didn’t get sucked in the first go around.

Suggestions for shows that are available on Netflix or Hulu Plus that I should be watching during my workouts?


Chrissy is FAMOUS!

I am so excited.  I just got back from our break room where I watched the lovely Chrissy on the Today Show sharing her Linzer cookies.  Chrissy and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year of college and then in the same tiny dorm for the rest of our college days.  With all the baking she managed to do in our tiny dorm kitchen, it is no surprise to me that she has many awesome cookie recipes.

I’m so proud of her for going on live national tv and not doing anything embarrassing.  Good job, Chrissy!

So today, go read her awesome blog, The Hungary Buddha Eats the World.  It’s a really cool blog where she picks a region and then cooks four things from that region – a breakfast, two entrees, and a dessert.  It is AWESOME.  And makes me wish I had spent more time with her in that tiny dorm kitchen so I could have picked up some cooking tips.

Seriously.  Go read.  It’s interesting, educational, and will probably leave you with a puddle of drool on your desk.

Find Your Greatness

If you’ve been watching tv during the Olympics (and not fast forwarding through commercials), you may have seen this commercial featuring 12-year-old Nathan.

For those of you who can’t hear the voiceover, here is the text:

Greatness it’s just something we made up. Somehow we come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few for prodigies, for superstars, and the rest of us can only stand by watching. You can forget that. Greatness is not some rare DNA strand. It’s not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are all capable of it, all of us.

I love this video.  I love the meaning behind it.  And I love hearing that Nathan and his mom have been inspired by the video and plan to work to get healthy.


Not thin.  Not skinny.  Healthy.

There have been commenters on the internet who have said this video mocks Nathan for being overweight.  I don’t think that’s true at all.  Are some people watching laughing at him?  Probably.  Are more people looking at him and saying “Hey, if he can do it, maybe I can too.”  I certainly hope so.

I love watching the Olympics.  I think the athletes are incredibly inspirational.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the distance runners.  They’re amazing.  At mile 20, they’re still running at a pace that I don’t think I could reach even for thirty seconds.  But I don’t compare myself to them – I take the inspiration from their dedication to the sport.

Just because I can’t be Olympic great doesn’t mean I can’t be me great.

The earliest bloggers

I admit it.  I love Neil Patrick Harris.  I have loved him since Doogie Howser, M.D.  Come on, this man has done some amazing things!  Doogie Howser!  Starship Troopers!  How I Met Your Mother!  Dr. Horrible!  And some other things that I can’t remember off of the top of my head.

Nothing makes me laugh more than the Halloween episode of HIMYM when there is a knock at the door and Barney reaches in, starts a boom box, and appears in the door dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  I laugh and laugh and laugh.

I read a comment recently that someone thought Doogie Howser was one of the first bloggers.   At the end of every episode, he typed up his journal entries, discussing his thoughts of what had gone on over the past few days.  Sure, he wasn’t posting it on the internet, but he was posting it for everyone to see, in a way, if you break the fourth wall.  Not only was he a child prodigy, he was years and years ahead of his time.  Tragically, his computer was a bit behind the times.

It makes me want to revamp my templates to resemble Doogie Howser’s computer.  Everyone wants to read green text on a black screen all day, right? 

I wonder what Dr. Howser is up to nowadays.  I liked NPH’s opinion that he was probably an angry drug addict limping around a hospital on a cane and torturing his fellow doctors.

The one in which I ramble about tv

Coming home from vacation means coming home to attention starved cats, a ton of laundry, and typically, a messy house, thanks to the previously mentioned cats.  Oh, and to reality.  Thumbs down to the realization that coming home from vacation means going back to work. 

(I’ll try to put up more vacation pics this weekend.)

But one good thing about coming home from a week’s vacation was coming home to a DVR filled with all sorts of tv for me to watch at my leisure.  I’m one of those people who likes to have the tv on in the background when I’m doing other things.  I struggle to sit and just watch a tv show or a movie, but tv is great when I’m folding laundry or knitting or just playing around on the computer.

I’m really excited that So You Think You Can Dance is back.  I’ve always loved to watch dancers, possibly because dance is something I’ve never really done.  I wish I had taken dance lessons as a kid, but let’s be honest, I probably would have been terrible.  I’ve never liked American Idol, and I can’t get into Dancing with the Stars, but I tend to get a bit obsessive about So You Think You Can Dance.  For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it’s a simple concept.  Auditions are held all over the country to ultimately select a group of 20 – 10 men and 10 women.  They pair off and do a different style dance every week, anything from traditional ballroom like waltz and tango to things like hip hop and crump and everything in between.  It’s a lot of fun to watch.  Viewers call in votes and select the bottom three men and women.  Each dancer in the bottom does a solo for the judges, who then select the man and woman to leave that week. 

As the show goes on, partners begin to switch up, which is always fun. 

I think for me, the big thing about this show is that these people are truly talented.  Their worst dances still tend to be better than anything I’ve ever seen.  I love watching the expression that they put into their dances, and they work with such amazing choreographers that the dances are a lot of fun to watch.

So if you’re looking for something to watch this summer, something that requires little thinking, check it out.  It’s better than a lot of reality shows, I promise.

(Though I do find the idea of “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” kind of intriguing…)