Running With Friends

Kim said something funny to me while we were running on Sunday.   To paraphrase,

I read your blog because a) it sounds like you and b) you’re usually yelling at me for something in it.

Awesome!  Now I can officially blame her for things.  The marathon?  Kim’s fault.  The triathlon?  Kim’s fault.

Really though, it’s nice to have someone to talk me into things.  The marathon is something I wanted to do, I just needed someone to give me that extra push and to agree to drag me across the finish line.  Same with the triathlon.

A lot of runners don’t stick with it because they feel alone.  Personally, I love running alone, but I also love running with friends, and I’m lucky enough to have found a large group of friends to run with.  Last weekend was ten miles with Jen and Kim, this weekend, I’m doing 11 miles, 7 alone and 4 with Betsy and her adorable dog Charlie (sorry, Charlie, by the time I get to you, I will be slower than normal, I fear).

But how do you find running friends?  Well, you have a couple of options.  You can rope your non-running friends into running (I recommend luring them with pancakes).  I met Kim through an online running group, and I actually met Betsy in choir.

There are also a lot of community running groups.  Check out your local running store as well.  They may have runs that start out from the shop.  But you’re slower than all of those people?  So what?  Once the weather gets cooler, a bunch of us will start running at the BWI loop (yes, a ten mile loop with airplanes overhead).  It’s about 45 minutes away from me, so I do have to drive a bit, but it’s worth it.  And a group of us will run “together” but that may just mean that we’re on the loop at the same time.  We may not even start together, but we meet up afterwards and go grab breakfast.

So if you’re interested in running with others, start looking around.  See what’s out there. And hey, if you can’t find anything, start your own group.  Post flyers at the gym.  Chat up others you see out running.  You never know who you might meet.

2010 MCM10K Race Report

This was my first race with the ROTE contingent! Unfortunately, I didn’t meet up with them til afterwards.

As the title indicates, this 10K is part of the Marine Corps Marathon weekend, and with that comes a lot of perks. The expo was possibly the best expo I’ve been to in a long time – and from what I hear, it was smaller than last year! Great goody bags with lots of fun samples, and amazing vendors. I got to talk to the KT Tape people (who have amazing customer service) and I finally bought the running necklace that I’ve been searching for. The one thing I didn’t find was a long-sleeved red technical shirt. They have them for men, but all the womens’ shirts were in “girly” colors. Not that I’m complaining about girly colors, but I really wanted red.

This race was on Halloween, which meant that there were a lot of people in costume.  I am a little embarrassed to say that I was beaten by a guy in a crab costume running sideways.  Yeah.

Strangely enough, this was my first 10K.  I’m not sure how I missed this distance before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Sure, I had run 10Ks in training, but never as a race.  I wasn’t sure how to pace myself.  It wasn’t as long as a 10 miler, but definitely required more stamina than a 5K.  Either way, first race, so it’s a PR, right?

Finished in 1:20:25!  I struggled with letting my HR get too high, because it was “only” a 10K, so I shouldn’t have needed the walk breaks, right?  Well, I paid for that later.  I was absolutely wrecked by the end of the day.  Of course, that could have been due to what I did the rest of the day.

I met up with a number of ROTErs and we made our way to around the 22 mile mark of the marathon, where we met up with even more ROTErs.  And we cheered.  And we cheered and we cheered and we cheered.  We cheered on our friends and we cheered on strangers.  We cheered until the last person passed us.  And man, what fun that was.  I think that might have been the best part of the day.