16 Miles of Beauty

I am very lucky.  I live right by a lovely creek with a long path running alongside it.  I can go out my door, do my warmup walk, and there I am at the path.  I have yet to run the entire path, so every time I go out, I see something new.


And now that it’s fall, the scenery is incredible.  These camera phone shots do a poor job of showing you just how beautiful it is.


Clearly, I’m not the only one out running.  I love the random inspiration along the way.


This part of the run was new to me.  I hit a new distance this weekend (16 miles) and took a part of the trail that I hadn’t run before.  It was very different from the heavily wooded parts of the trail, but I kind of liked the sparseness of this.  I could envision a movie being filmed there.


When I put the contract on my house, I hadn’t been paying attention to possible running routes, and was delighted to discover this great path practically right outside my front door.

2 thoughts on “16 Miles of Beauty

  1. I did a new bit of the trail on Sunday, too! I had never run that leg from the Carrol overpass to New Hampshire before – the new scenery definitely kept me interested and engaged 🙂

  2. That is gorgeous. I sometimes run a bike path (along the old right-of-way of the long-extinct Narragansett Pier Railroad) through woods and wetlands, a lovely run, especially in autumn, so much more interesting than running loops of the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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