Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Earlier this week, bib numbers for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon were unofficially released.  (Unofficially meaning that the site worked to pull up waivers but it hadn’t been linked on the runDisney website yet.)

And immediately, the complaining started.

Some of it was standard.  “I’m so far back!”  “I won’t get to see anything!”  And then people realized how crowded the race was going to be.  And there was more complaining.

Now, I’m used to the concept that some fast runners dislike us slow runners.  Not all, of course, but some.  (I don’t understand why, but I also don’t understand why some people don’t like cupcakes either.)  But then I saw something that really shocked me.  Someone with a “slower” corral was accusing those with “faster” numbers of lying and cheating their way into those fast corrals.  Then someone accused a fast runner of making things harder by getting in the way of the slower runners.

(And please note, I have many, many fast runner friends.  Bethany has qualified for Boston many years in a row and has a crazy low two digit bib number for Princess.  Steph is well on her way to a BQ.  Bob managed to BQ while running Goofy.  And I’d like to say that they all support me in my slow running as well. So this is not a comment about fast people in general.)

People!  None of this makes sense.  And why are you being mean to strangers on the internet?

Corrals are designed for a reason.  The fast people go first so that they aren’t tripping over the slow people.  Yes, this means that the course is less crowded for them.  Yes, it means that the lines for pictures with characters are shorter for them.  No, there is nothing that can be done about that.  It’s just one of those things that happens.

Yes, sometimes when you are in the corrals waiting for the race to start, you can’t see what’s going on at the front of the race.  That’s not unique to Disney.  I have been at races where I had no idea that the race even started because we couldn’t hear anything in the back.  At least Disney has fireworks!  But you will get your chance to see things close up when you get to the front.

We’re all just out there to have a good time.  Don’t stress out about corral placement.  Show up.  Smile.  Have a great time.  Enjoy the excitement of the crowd.  Check out the crazy costumes that people manage to run in.  Don’t worry about being slower than others or faster than others.  Enjoy the moment.


2 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. I agree, Chris. The only thing I can think is that the person was implying that they had to wait longer for pictures because fast people get there first? It makes no sense to me.

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