Motivation Monday – Dig Deeper


This applies to running – when you hit the wall, dig deep and get going.  But I think it applies for a lot of life as well.  We’ve all gotten fed up or scared or thought that we couldn’t keep going.

Don’t stop.  Keep Going.

3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Dig Deeper

  1. I like that slogan.

    Alex and Ani is a pretty cool company based here in Rhode Island. Carolyn Rafaelian — founder and lead designer of Alex and Ani — named the company for her two daughters. In a very real sense, she is someone who had the determination to dig in and keep on struggling — and it has certainly paid off for her. A few months ago she bought a house in Newport.

  2. Thanks for the extra info, Jim! I really like what I have learned about Alex and Ani, and they seem like such an awesome company. Definitely people with their hearts in the right place!

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