“Anyone can do it.”

While on the bus back from the WDW Marathon Expo, I overheard an interesting conversation.

The man behind us was talking to another guy about the upcoming races and how he got started.

To paraphrase:

“I was at a DVC Welcome Home member event and Jeff Galloway was there.  Now, I had no idea who this guy was, but I listened to him and chatted with him a bit afterwards, just to be polite.  When he asked if I was a runner, I laughed and said ‘Clearly not.  Do I look like a runner?’  But he said ‘Anyone can do it,’ and then gave me tips on how to start.  And now the kids and I do 5ks together.”

I thought it was a really neat story.  I think this guy was doing the 10k as well, and maybe the half marathon, but here was someone who never thought he could do it, because he didn’t fit the stereotypical image of a runner, and now he’s out there running with his kids.  And the fact that he got his kids active is probably the best part of all.

At Disney races especially, you see a lot of people who “don’t look like runners.”  Heck, I certainly don’t look like a runner.  Of course, you also see people who are clearly runners.  But it’s pretty awesome to go to a race and see all body types.  I’m not going to tell you that running is going to immediately make you skinny, but even if you don’t lose a single pound, you’re healthier for getting out there.  And endorphins rock.

Plus the bragging rights are pretty awesome.  “Oh, yeah, I ran that 10k last weekend.”





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