Loving the Run

As I have discussed, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately.  I can’t explain it, but I just haven’t been loving the run as much.  I think maybe my marathon burnt me out and I haven’t found my way back.

But I’m getting there.

This weekend, rather than bike on Sunday, I opted to run.  Swimfest threw off my schedule a bit this weekend, and I decided that I needed a good long run more than I needed a bike ride.  I’ve been really good about getting on my bike and riding, but my running still hasn’t been there.

So I set out for a run on Sunday morning.  The weather was gorgeous.  I planned to go for somewhere between 6 and 7 miles.


My back has still been bothering me, so I stopped to stretch a few times, including at this awesome bench.

I’m really lucky to live by an amazing trail that I can run on the weekends.  I don’t feel safe enough to run there during the week, as there have been a number of issues on the trail (mostly run-by gropings), but on the weekends, there are so many people out that it’s an awesome place to run.


And while it certainly wasn’t a fast run, it felt good.  It was awesome to be back out enjoying the run.  And I have to try to keep that distance up.  Even though I’m doing a lot of shorter triathlons this summer, I do still have a few half marathons on the horizon and I need to be ready!

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