Transition Practice

As if I haven’t been talking about it enough, my first tri is this Sunday. I’m feeling totally ready for the distance.  But the actual act of doing the triathlon?  Not so much.

Tonight, I’m going to do an easy brick workout (bike and run) and practice transitions as well.  I’m going to start the workout in my bare feet, pretend I went swimming, then put my bike gear on as quickly as possible, take the bike out, then come back for T2 and change into run gear and do a quick run.

Should be interesting.

For T1, I have to get my feet cleaned off, get my socks and bike shoes on, and my sunglasses and helmet.  Not too bad.

For T2, I need to ditch the bike gear, put on my running shoes, and grab my hat, watch, and water bottle.

I considered going without the Garmin for the run, but I need the heart rate monitor.  I don’t trust myself to fully listen to my body during a race, and I don’t know how the adrenaline and exhaustion will affect my heart rate.

Because I don’t trust the neighbor kids to leave my stuff alone in the backyard, I’m going to setup a transition point in my living room.  So I’ll have some steps to navigate, plus the act of locking and unlocking my front door.  But it should still somewhat replicate the situation.

I fully expect Sunday’s race to be a bit disorganized on my part, just because it’s my first race.  I think about how much I learned after my first running race, and I’m looking at this one the same way.  I have no time goals – I just want to finish.  And then I will know what to practice for my “big” tri in August.

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