First, I must admit, I still haven’t seen the original Spirit of the Marathon.  I have Netflix, it’s in my queue, I just haven’t watched it.

My DVR is also 85% full, so clearly, I just have trouble sitting in one place and watching things.

But nonetheless, I went to see Spirit of the Marathon II last Wednesday.  Everyone talks about how inspiring and wonderful the first one was, so I had high hopes.

And… I was underwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie and I wasn’t bored at all during it, but it wasn’t this awe-inspiring moment that made me want to go out and run a marathon.

I know a lot of people came out and thought “I must now go run the Rome Marathon.”  Now, this is just me, but my thought was “I’m sure it’s pretty, but it would be wasted on me.”  I’m not good at remembering race courses, and I’m sure Rome would be no different.

I did like the people they picked to profile, though the Marathon Goddess was definitely one of those people I would have wanted to punch during the race.  I give her a ton of credit for what she did, and I’m sure she’s an amazing, inspiring pace group leader, but she was just way too perky.  That said, 52 marathons in 52 weeks is amazing and I hope she raised her million dollars.

The cousins were hilarious.  So much fun to follow their story.  And I hope the movie has helped Ylenia’s store do better.  She’s famous!  Go buy from her!  I felt sad for Cliff that he seemed to be all alone in Rome.

I found myself really pulling for Vasyl and Epiphanie.  This race meant so much more for them than just finishing.  I was so impressed with Epiphanie’s story.  Winning in a race meant more money for her and her family, and it sounded like she spread that money around her community as well.  Such a different story from elite runners in other countries.  I’m sad that it sounds like she’s no longer competing, because I would love to see her on the international stage again.  That said, coaching is an amazing place for her to be.

I think maybe the reason the movie didn’t move me like it moves so many others is that I didn’t see myself in any of these runners.  These people are all incredible runners, clearly with bodies made for running.  Even those who struggled still pulled off incredible finishes, at least from my point of view.

Or maybe it was just that I didn’t feel like there was a big emotional climax.  I wasn’t feeling the nerves with the runners.  I didn’t really feel the finish line exhilaration.

Again, it wasn’t a bad movie.  It just wasn’t what I hoped it would be.


By Megan

One thought on “Spirit of the Marathon II”
  1. I loved the second one, much better than the first. The first focused more on training, the second more on people and their stories. The cousins were hilarious, and I too thought Marathon Goddess was way too perky. I immediately didn’t like her when the movie started and then felt bad when she talked about her mission to raise money for cancer. But… I would barely be surviving a marathon and to see someone THAT happy while doing one would really irk me!

    I didn’t feel as inspired after watching it either, but I really did like listening to other runner stories. We’re all alike and yet so different. I loved that!

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