Race Report – Annapolis Striders Women’s Distance Festival 5K

My last of the WDF 5Ks for the summer!  Hooray!  Not that I don’t love racing, but I’m excited to be able to really set my own training schedule again.

This race was a lot of fun.  I love the Striders’ races though.  They always put on a good, well organized race.  And the other thing I love about this race is that following it, there is a men’s race, called Run after the Women 5K. And rather than a shirt, the swag for the race was a hat!  I have so many shirts that I love when the swag for the race is something different.

The race is a looped course, with two full loops through various neighborhoods.  Gorgeous scenery and lots of people out to cheer on the runners, which is always fun.  And, in a distinct change from last weekend’s race, there were so many water stops.  Of course, it’s easier on a looped course, but the course had two water stops, plus water at the finish.  That meant that while running, you passed water five times.  Luckily, the weather has cooled off significantly, but I was still pleased to see this sort of course support.  This is another race with a lot of newbie runners (so fun to see them at the finish!) and the added water and cheers are always welcome.

When I left my house Saturday morning, it was drizzling, but nothing too bad.  I hoped it would stop by the time the race started.  It was cloudy at race start, but the forecast didn’t indicate storms, so we figured we were safe.  Not far from the finish, the skies started to open.  Jen and I were running a pretty solid race, keeping our intervals and chatting throughout.  So when the rain started, we just laughed.  It wasn’t too bad, but the thunder was a bit ominous.

By the time we finished, however, it was absolutely pouring.  Sheets of water falling from the sky.  We were drenched.  The sort of rain where you have to wring out all of your clothes afterward.  Absolutely crazy.  And the men still had to run in this!

Thankfully, I remembered to bring a spare set of clothes so was relatively dry for breakfast.  And by the time we finished, the sun was out and the sky was clear.

But I think my poor shoes are still wet.

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