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I like looking at the phrases people use to find my site.  Don’t worry, I can’t figure out how you personally got here.  Just how various people found the site. Here’s a sampling.

how can i cheat a marathon just to get a medal – What?  No!  You can’t.  Well, you shouldn’t.  But I know people do.  Seriously though, if you just want the medal, buy it on eBay after the race.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find just about every medal up there at some point.

if you don’t finish a disney marathon do you still get your medal?  – *sigh*  Yes, you do.  And no, I don’t like this trend in running.  They are finisher’s medals, not participant medals.  And yes, I know things happen.  But I don’t think that you should wear a finisher’s medal if you didn’t finish.  (If you fell and broke your femur and got ambulanced off the course with a bone protruding… okay, you can wear the medal even though you didn’t finish.  But that’s the only exception.)  That said, it’s a personal choice.  I think you’re lying to yourself if you are proud to wear a medal you didn’t earn though.

disney princess half marathon necklace – This is my top search for the last quarter.  And here’s what last year’s Tink and Princess necklaces look like

chalean extreme and running – I do ChaLEAN Extreme.  It’s a great weight lifting workout.  I admit, I only do the weight part and not the cardio part, since the cardio comes from my running and my biking (when I do it).   But it’s a great workout.  I did it this morning and I can feel the soreness setting in.  Love it.

pirate running outfit – I got nothing.  But now I want one.  Wait!  There is a pirate running skirt at SparkleSkirts!

running throw up – Don’t.  Just don’t.




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