So… December…

What is this, a weekend post?

You bet it is!

Sporadically over the past few years, I have participated in Holidailies, a project offering writing prompts designed to get you writing for the month of December.  I’m going to do my best to post every day this month, though I’m not sure it’ll happen.

If any of you are participating in Holidailies, let me know!  You don’t have to follow the daily prompts.  They’re optional, and you can use them or not or basically do whatever you want.  I have found a number of awesome blogs through Holidailies every year and I’m excited to be part of it again this year.

To those of you visiting from Holidailies, welcome!  I’m Megan, and I recommend checking out the About page to learn more about me and my blog.  I promise more posts of substance in the following days.

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