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At the beginning of the year, you always see comments from people involved in fitness about how all the “New Years Resolutioners” are clogging up the gym, but thankfully, they’ll be gone by the end of January.

I’ll be honest, I used to be one of these people.  (Full disclosure – at this point, I only have a pool membership, not a full gym membership.)  But I’ve also started to think that maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way.

Sure, there are going to be annoying people who show up at the gym and get in the way and clearly have no intent on exercising (lady with perfect makeup and hair, I’m looking at you). Thankfully, those people will likely be gone by the end of the month.

But what about the newbies who are using the new year to spur themselves into action.  Shouldn’t we be supporting them rather than deriding their efforts?  When someone is struggling with a new machine, shouldn’t we walk over and show them how to do it rather than roll our eyes?  Yes, more people at the gym does mean that things are more crowded and machines might not always be free.  But that’s generally how a gym works.

When I first started really working out, I was self-conscious enough as it was.  I didn’t want to think that other gym-goers were irritated by my presence.  Getting started is tough.  Rather than allowing irritation to show through, we should support the New Years Resolutioners and encourage them to stay through January and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Change Your Perspective

  1. Excellent points. Some people are going to fall off no matter what, but some of those failures of resolve could be prevented by a timely helping hand.

    Let me flip it back on the rookie, though: if you’re trying to make a big change like that, you would really do well to find someone with more experience to help you get started. Maybe that means paying for a personal trainer, but in all likelihood that person probably knows someone who could help them get started, and having that person can be a huge help, both because you will feel more accountable and because you will feel more competent.

  2. That’s how I actually started running. I was so sick of short lived resolutions that weren’t specific (i.e. lose weigh, eat healthy, etc.) so I finally narrowed down what I specifically what I wanted to do. The rest is history!
    Go new resolutioners! You can do it! (even though yes, they are clogging up my park!!)

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