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If only we could all remove our nosesIf only we could all remove our noses!
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I have a coworker who jokes that my perfume is a lovely blend of jasmine and menthol.

He’s not wrong.  Though I’m not sure I would call it a lovely blend.

We runners are a fragrant bunch.  And the sport itself comes with some interesting smells.  I can identify a portapottie from blocks away due to the lovely “air freshener” smell that they try to use to cover up the true odor of those awful yet necessary contraptions.

Well loved running shoes have a fragrance all their own.  Sometimes to the point where they are banished to the garage or the mudroom.

Not all the smells are bad.  New shoes are amazing.  And some of my favorite race mornings smell of coffee and cool crisp air and sunscreen and the exhaust of busses dropping off runners.  Okay, so maybe that’s not the best smell.

Then there’s the smell of post-race.  Sweaty, happy runners.  And often the smell of snacks.  Frequently, there’s the smell of a post-race brunch: sweaty, happy runners eating pancakes.  Yum.

Thankfully, we typically don’t notice that we’re a bit fragrant after a race as we hang out with our fellow runners.  Thankfully, our spectating friends and family don’t seem to mind too much.

But for today, I will stick with the odor of body lotion and Biofreeze.  I kind of like the smell of Biofreeze, to be honest.  Maybe I should market this stuff.


3 thoughts on “Eau de Runner

  1. My wife says that as a non-runner she can see no point in standing around with a lot of sweaty smelly people. I have pointed out that if those sweaty smelly people were holding tennis racquets she wouldn’t mind one bit, to which she points out that in that case she would also be sweaty and smelly so of course she wouldn’t mind.

    And here I am — two days to go (well, more like 42 hours) and I have caught a cold (been captured by a cold?) and I ache all over and my throat is on fire. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow — there is a event packet pickup time tomorrow afternoon. I never expected to have any good times for any of the parts, but I did want to get the experience so I can tweak my performance for future events.

    (Grumble, grumble, grumble)

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