Remembering Jim

Doing Holidailies this year reminds me of a wonderful man I “met” online many years ago through his journal.  Some of you who are here through Holidailies may remember him as well.

Jim of Jim’s Journal started writing online way back in 1996.  He was a loving father who often bragged about his kids in his posts.  His daughter and I aren’t far apart in age.  He was also very proud of the fact that he was a bit of an oddity in this online blogging world – at the time of his last post, Jim was 70 years old.  I think I started reading his writings sometime around 2000.

While many of us have taken the easy way out, Jim hand coded his journal, regularly posting updates as links to his main page.  Admittedly, that made it hard to follow him in a feed reader, so I wasn’t the best at keeping up with him, but Jim never failed to keep up with me.  When I started writing online again, Jim found me through Holidailies, something we had both participated in for many years.  And Jim was a regular commenter here on my site.

His last comment was posted on July 26th.  He and I had been discussing triathlons, as he was preparing for a sprint himself.  He posted about getting ready for it on July 27th.

And then silence.

I knew something had gone wrong when we didn’t get a glowing race recap from Jim.

And then a month later, Jim’s family announced that Jim had died doing what he loved.  According to the news reports, sometime during the swim, Jim had a heart attack and never recovered.

Jim lived life to the fullest and he died doing what he loved.  And so this holiday and Holidailies season, I wanted to remember him.  Those of us who have been in the “online journaling” world for a while will remember him fondly.

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