My Arms Won’t Work

Last night was my triumphant return to swim practice.  I am ashamed to admit that I’ve not been in the water (aside from the cruise) since my triathlon, and I haven’t been to a coached practice since July.

The running joke was whether or not I still knew how to swim.  Knowing how to swim was the least of my problems.

You know you’re in for it when you arrive at practice and the coaches are pulling the lane lines out of the pool and giggling maniacally.

The workout?  Swim a lap around the pool, get out, do squats for a minute.  Swim a lap, pushups.  Lap, sit-ups.  Lap, flutter kicks.  Repeat.

My lower body is doing okay, since I’ve been focusing on my running.  But I’ve not been shy about the fact that my upper body work has fallen off and I need to get back to it.  But I didn’t realize just how bad it was.  Or just how tired I would be.

At one point, I went to do a sit-up and nothing happened.  No pain, no burn, just no movement.  Awesome.

I wasn’t the only one who spent some time simply laying on the pool deck in pushup position either.

We whined about it, but honestly it was a great workout and shows me just how far I have to go.  But man, getting out of bed was tough today.  And my arms don’t want to work.

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