My Annual Holidailies Intro

I have been participating in Holidailies since it started many years ago. Yes, I have been blogging since then. No, my old archives aren’t around anymore except somewhere on my computer and probably in the Wayback Machine if you know where to look.

One of the standard posts in the opening days is an intro post. So here you go.

I am Megan. I am a 32 year old runner and triathlete living in the DC area and working for the federal government. I love a good book and a comfy bed and being outdoors on a gorgeous fall day.

Wait, this is starting to sound likes a dating profile.

This blog tends to be about running and triathlons, but I have been branching out a bit more lately. There is only so much I can say about sports.

I am not a natural athlete, but I am stubborn as all get out, which is what got me into this insanity. Tell me I can’t and I will want to do it even more. So I tend to rail against all things thinspiration and talk of exercise to fit into that new dress. Sure, I need to lose some pounds I have gained, but that is for health, not so I look good in a dress. And no matter what I lose, I will never be thin. My muscular calves require wide calf boots. But that doesn’t mean I will be working out less to fit into cuter boots.

I joke that I am slowly accepting my fate as a crazy cat lady. I only have two cats, but with the way dating in this area is going, it will be me and the cats for a while. And that’s okay. I have learned I kind of like being on my own.

So that is a little bit about me. If you are here from Holidailes, welcome. And if not, click on the link and check out their portal. Lots of great stuff to be found there.

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