Race Report – runDisney Enchanted 10K


Saturday morning was the runDisney Enchanted 10k, the first race of the Glass Slipper Challenge. Going in, I was glad to have had the experience of running the 10k in January. It was so much better knowing what I was getting myself into.

This race only had five corrals which meant that it was crowded the whole time. We were in corral D and running, we barely finished before my parents, who were power walking. But I knew all of that going in.

The first 2-3 miles of this race are the most boring part. Then you get to Epcot, where it is much more scenic. Though it is very evil that they make you run behind Norway. You can smell the bacon cooking for the character breakfast. It is just cruel.


While I didn’t run in costume, my parents did! Since Mom has no hair thanks to chemo, she got an Ariel wig. And Ariel needs Sebastian! Dad was worried he would look ridiculous. And then he was a celebrity! So many people asked him for pics! (If you were one of them, I would love to see the photo!). The costumes for this race were fabulous. I especially lived the two girls dresses as Dooney & Burke purses. So very clever (though I don’t know how they ran in them).

Overall, we took it nice and easy, chatted our way through the race, and conserved our legs for the half the next day.

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