Not very fishlike

One of the hardest parts about going to the pool in the morning is leaving the pool with wet hair.  14 degrees out.  Brr.  Apparently, the average temp for this time of year is 51 degrees.  I’m ready for winter to be over.

It’s been tough to get back into the groove this week.  Work has been crazy and I get home from work absolutely exhausted.  Last night, I was supposed to go to swim practice but was in bed before practice even started.  I slept like a rock, so I guess it was the right decision.  Forced myself out of bed this morning to get to the pool though.  I needed to swim at least once this week.

It was a good swim.  I ended up in one of the deep lap lanes, which I liked – no excuse to stop and stand around at the end of the lane.  Plus there was less debris on the bottom, so it felt cleaner, even though it’s all the same body of water.  Swimming past old bandaids makes me shudder.  Give me a gross lake any day.  Then I can’t see anything.

The swim itself felt like a bit of a slog, possibly because I was up against so many very fast swimmers.  My lane partner was only a bit faster than me, but the people in the lane next to me were swimming twice as fast as I was.  However, even though it felt like a slog, it was a faster workout than last week, so I guess that’s good.  Not sure if it’s improvement or just less standing around, but I’ll take it.

I’m starting to think I should get music to take to the pool though.  I just get bored about 30 minutes in.  March is a 3 paycheck month, so I can afford a small splurge.  Maybe.


A very awesome girl and her very awesome mom

The Friday of Princess weekend, I went to watch some kids I adore run the kids races.  The kids races are hilarious.  And impressive.  Some kid ran a 6 minute mile, and a number of kids crossed the finish under 7 minutes. There were matching daddy-daughter tutus.  There were parents who were clearly running all out to keep up with their kids.

And then there was Sarah Kate.  Who I adore.

I can’t do her story justice, so I’m just going to link to her mom’s post about the race.  I am so lucky to call them friends.

What It Was Like to be the Mom of the Most Awesome Kid in the World

Next Steps

This morning, I finally had my endocrinology appointment.  I was supposed to go a few weeks ago, but got waylaid by snow.  And guess what?  It snowed like crazy this morning too!  But after a harrowing journey, I made it in.

It was so nice to have a doctor listen and not just say “Well, you’re not eating right” or “You need to exercise more” or “Maybe you’re just genetically predisposed to be fat.”   The next step is bloodwork, scheduled for next week.  One thing I like is that this doctor has a patient portal where all the test results are posted.  So not only do I get to talk to my doctor about the results, I can see them myself.  Not that I’ll be able to interpret them, but I like having all of the information instead of just “Well, this was in range, this was not.”

I’m not sure what I want them to find.  Part of me wants something to be wrong, just so I can have a path towards fixing it.  But on the other hand, I don’t want to be “sick” either.  I think I just want answers, regardless of what they are.

A Slightly Different Race Report: 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon

20140224-135157.jpgAnother half marathon on the books and some bonus bling to boot!

I enjoyed this race much more than I expected.  I think that was because after years of running Disney races, I know what I’m getting myself into.  It’s going to be a slow race based on where I end up with proof of time.  I’m going to end up walking a huge chunk of it.  And that’s okay, because I’m doing it with awesome friends.

So rather than give an official race report (I started, I ran, I stopped), I thought I would just talk about what I’ve learned over the past few years running Disney races.

Your corral placement really does have an effect on your experience, and not how you think.  This year, the Princess half featured corrals A-P. I was assigned to I, ran in J to stay with friends.  So I was somewhere in the middle of the race.

I had friends in the first three corrals who had a GREAT race.  Lots of fun, time to stop for pics, just an excellent race.  My cousin started in the second to last corral and had a blast.  She walked the race and made all sorts of new friends along the way.  It was a super positive experience and she finished with a huge smile on her face.

Mid-pack, however, was a different experience.  I’m not going to say it was bad, because it wasn’t.  There were all sorts of friendly people there.  Sure, it was crowded, but I can deal with that.  What I can’t deal with are the rude people, and for some reason, those seem to be found in the mid-pack runners.  People who aren’t fast enough to move forward but who seem to think they deserve something the rest of us don’t.  For example, at one point, I got cut off from my group of 4.  (No, we weren’t running 4 abreast.)  I said “Excuse me,” and tried to get through.  I had to ask a few times, and finally, the woman said “I don’t know where you think you’re going.”  “Well, I’m going up there to run with my sister.”  Seriously rude.  And she wasn’t the only one.

That sort of attitude really affects my opinion of these races, and I think that’s part of the reason that runDisney is getting a bad rap as of late.  The races themselves are amazingly well organized.  They’re fun.  And the runDisney people are, for the most part, fabulous.  (Their Twitter person is phenomenal.)  Sure, the races are expensive.  But Disney is a corporation and they are charging what the market will bear.  The races sell out incredibly quickly, so why would they lower their prices?  I can’t say I like it, but I’m not going to complain about it.

No, it’s us runners who damage the experience.  People are rude on Facebook leading up to the event and they are rude before and during the event.  There is a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement that seems to come with these races.  We all paid the same money and we all deserve to be there.  People need to get over themselves and just enjoy the experience.  It isn’t that hard to be nice to others.  And yet every year, the rude people make their presence known.

That’s not to say that I had a terrible time.  I had fun, rude people notwithstanding.  I saw some awesome costumes.  Lots of great shirts, including ones that said “Why are all these Princesses chasing me,” and one that said “After 13.1 miles, reindeer smell better than runners.”  But my absolute favorite were the two girls dressed as Indiana Jones and the boulder that chases him.  Super clever.  And in the airport waiting for my luggage yesterday, I met some women who were chatting about how much fun they had.  I’m glad the experience is still generally a positive one.  But we’re the ones who can make that happen.

Race Report – runDisney Enchanted 10K


Saturday morning was the runDisney Enchanted 10k, the first race of the Glass Slipper Challenge. Going in, I was glad to have had the experience of running the 10k in January. It was so much better knowing what I was getting myself into.

This race only had five corrals which meant that it was crowded the whole time. We were in corral D and running, we barely finished before my parents, who were power walking. But I knew all of that going in.

The first 2-3 miles of this race are the most boring part. Then you get to Epcot, where it is much more scenic. Though it is very evil that they make you run behind Norway. You can smell the bacon cooking for the character breakfast. It is just cruel.


While I didn’t run in costume, my parents did! Since Mom has no hair thanks to chemo, she got an Ariel wig. And Ariel needs Sebastian! Dad was worried he would look ridiculous. And then he was a celebrity! So many people asked him for pics! (If you were one of them, I would love to see the photo!). The costumes for this race were fabulous. I especially lived the two girls dresses as Dooney & Burke purses. So very clever (though I don’t know how they ran in them).

Overall, we took it nice and easy, chatted our way through the race, and conserved our legs for the half the next day.