Letting Life Get In The Way

Yet another week where I have let life get in the way of my training.

And not the fun parts of life either.  No, thanks to work, I’ve managed to completely hose my training for the week.  Tuesday’s swim got skipped because I had to be at work at 7:15 and since I can’t swim til 6am per the pool rules, that wasn’t going to work.  After an intense day of meetings at work and running around in heels all day, Tuesday night I went home and collapsed.

Last night, I had good intentions even though I was tired.  Made it through 30 minutes on the bike trainer and my body just gave out.  Total exhaustion.  So I decided to listen to my body and hopped off the bike, into the shower, and then into bed.

Tonight is team swim practice.  I think I’m going to skip it in favor of getting in a run.  I didn’t get in my full long run last weekend, and I have back to back half marathons coming up painfully soon.  If I run tonight and then get in a long run on the weekend, I have a slightly better chance of being prepared.  But let’s be honest, that whole weekend is going to hurt.  It will be fun, but it will be painful.

So here’s hoping next week goes better.  This is why I extended out my tri training schedule.  I knew things like this would happen, and I’m ultimately not worried about it.  It’s just a bit frustrating to see those workouts on my calendar without that proud checkmark next to them!

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