Productive Weekend!

I had an insanely productive weekend.  I’m not sure where the motivation came from, but I could use more weekends like this.

As I have mentioned on social media, a few weeks back, I came home to find that one of my closet racks had pulled out of the wall.  No surprise – it was pretty crappily done, but it functioned.  However, this was the last straw.  It was time to call in the big guns, spend the big money, and hire a professional closet company to come in and put together something nice.

After all the fun that goes with such a process, I had an install date of July 7th.  I decided that I wanted to paint the walls of the closet a deep blue to go with the white trim and white closet system.

So this weekend, I cleaned out the closet (man, there was a lot of stuff in there, including my junior year prom dress), did some sorting of things to go to charity (not including the prom dress), took down the remaining hanging rods and shelves, spackled and sanded the holes, vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet, and painted one coat of paint.

On top of that, I ran 8 miles, biked 17, and figured out how to retape my handlebars so poor Ethel doesn’t look homeless anymore.

Of course, the rest of the house is a complete disaster.  I’m hoping to get to that on Monday while I hang out as the closet installers work their magic.

I’m stupidly excited about a new closet.  There is going to be so much space!  I might even hang up my running and biking gear so it’s not all smashed into a dresser drawer.

It’s the little things.

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