“Have you lost weight?”

This week, a coworker asked me if I have lost weight.  I laughed and said “Nope.”  She commented that my face looked thinner.

I’m forever fighting the battle of the bulge.  I have since I was a kid.  And essentially, since January 1 of this year, I have lost maybe 2 pounds.  Though I’ve not been on the scale since I got back from Vegas, so that might be inaccurate.

People look at me and say “But you eat well and you exercise like a fiend.”

I try anyway.  But the pounds stay on.  I’m working on improving my diet even more and sticking to my workout schedule and hoping that helps.  It’s less about the number on the scale and how my clothes fit.  Mainly I’m concerned with the spare tire that is developing around my waistline.  Belly fat is the type of fat said to cause the most health problems, so I need to work to get it off.

My parents are relatively healthy, but weight issues and diabetes run in our extended family.  And it just gets harder to get the weight off the older I get.

So even though I’m not seeing it on the scale and haven’t personally noticed it in my clothes, apparently someone thinks I’m looking thinner.  Now if only those pounds would come off in my love handles, things would be great.

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